New Vegan Fine Dining Restaurant Hits Atlanta And The Menu Is All Alkaline

Veganuary is well on its way as veganism spreads quickly across the nation.

Atlanta has been leading the way lately in its race to meet the fast growing demand for more vegan options. Located in Sylvan Hills, the newest vegan restaurant to open in Atlanta is Life Bistro. A vegan fine dining restaurant that features alkaline vegan food, cold-pressed juice, and ethically sourced organic coffee. 

It would appear that this restaurant fills a huge void in Atlanta –  a restaurant that not only has alkaline food approved by the late Dr. Sebi (if you don’t know him google him right now), but you can enjoy your dinner by candlelight with live music depending on which night of the week you go.  Set to open February 1st on Super Bowl weekend, this just may be the biggest thing to happen to the vegan community in Atlanta since Slutty Vegan.

It’s reasonably predicted that they will become most popular for their weekend brunch that has such items as chickpea omelettes and spelt pancakes.  The feature item on the dinner menu is the fried oyster mushroom po’ boy which is sure to remind of New Orleans.  Breakfast hours will consist of smoothie bowls, avocado toast, and cold-pressed juice – the perfect trio.

A fun fact about the owners of this establishment, 2 HBCU grads from Morehouse and FAMU.


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Location of Restaurant:

2036 Sylvan Road

Atlanta, GA 30310

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